Whiskey Peak is Now Out on One Piece Treasure Cruise

Experience the beginning of the Strawhat Pirates all over again while battling the newest enemies of One Piece Treasure Cruise.

Players can now continue their journeys out on the Grand Line since the newest area has been released!

One Piece Treasure Cruise, the smartphone game based on the ever popular One Piece manga franchise, has recently updated to unveil the newest island, Whiskey Peak. On April 22nd, the official English site as well as the news section of the game announced that Whiskey Peak was now unlocked for players outside of Japan. (Japan has already had this island for the past several months since the game was only released to other countries this year.)

In teasing the new area, the site says, "Set sail for Whiskey Peak! The shadowy criminal organization Baroque Works is coming after you! Face all new enemies as you  take on this fresh adventure!" Anyone who follows the manga knows that Whiskey Peak is the first city that the fledgling Strawhat crew comes across on the Grand Line.

The city is inhabited by incredibly hospitable people who welcome pirates with open arms and banquets. But underneath this guise of hospitality lies the true Whiskey Peak, a city of bounty hunters and a settlement of the evil, yet mysterious Baroque Works organization. This organization soon sets the Strawhat crew on their very own unique journey on the Grand Line.

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Published Apr. 24th 2015

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