9 Mobile Games For Every Type of Hardcore Gamer

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In the last few years, mobile gaming has exploded. From crazes like Angry Birds and Clash of Clans to fully realized RPGs like Bastion and Fallout Shelter, mobile games have come a long way.

But what really brought mobile into the spotlight was Pokemon Go. It was a fun mobile game that did something really different for the Pokemon franchise and the mobile market as a whole. 

Pokemon Go proved to us that good, fun games can in fact be made on smart phones -- and not just boring connect-four and tapping games. Real, challenging games have been given the chance to shine on mobile and show that it's not just a realm for the casual gamer.

But Pokemon Go has gotten a little played out, and gamer are looking for a new mobile adventure. So we've put together a list of games for real, hardcore gamers. Whatever your genre of preference is, we've found great mobile games for you to play on Android and iPhone. All the titles ahead are ones that real gamers would actually enjoy. Enough with the casual games, give us a challenge!

Published Sep. 23rd 2016

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