9 Mobile Games For Every Type of Hardcore Gamer

For Hardcore Party Game Fans


Some may read the description of Spaceteam and wonder how it's "hardcore". Well, even hardcore gamers have friends that come over on occasion, and Spaceteam is a great pick-up-and-play party game that takes a bit more than just rapid tapping on the screen to win.

Spaceteam is a hilarious and absolutely fun multiplayer game. All you need is a few friends, Android or iOS smartphones or tablets, and a place where you can be loud.

Once the game boots up and everyone gets in, instructions start reading out on one of your party member's screens. They must read these instructions out loud. For example: "Set phasers to stun!" Only one person has the phaser dial on their screen, so the person who has it must do as they're told with a dial/switch/button/etc. and let everyone know they're doing it. This gets very hectic when the time bar proceeds to drain faster and faster with each instruction.

It may be a mobile game, but it's also very much an in-person party game and definitely worth a try at a get-together now that it's cross-platform. It was chosen for this list for its requirement of teamwork. It also has a humor to it that takes a certain amount of pop culture knowledge to appreciate.

Published Sep. 23rd 2016

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