Watch Dogs: Legion Tips and Tricks Guide for DedSec London

Looking for Watch Dogs: Legion tips and tricks? This handy guide will chart your course for a successful hack-a-thon in dystopian London.

Watch Dogs: Legion is another of Ubisoft's massive open worlds filled with things to do. Though the structure of the game's minute-to-minute gameplay is a bit different than many of the developer/publisher's games in the past, the systems-centric experience here still offers dozens of hours of playtime. And it's likely knowing some of the tips and tricks below will help you navigate it.

With such a large proposition on your hands, these Watch Dogs: Legion tips and tricks are meant to aid you in getting the most out of your time dismantling the Big Tech dystopia in oppressed London.

Read on to pick up on new ways to ensure the good guys seize the day in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Not All Tech is Created Equal

Being the elite hacker collective they are, DedSec has access to a wealth of tech toys and gear upgrades. You can unlock them using Tech Points found all over the game world. But what do Tech Points look like? They are identified as green diamonds on your map.

But it's wise to use these Tech Points smartly, so use our guide on the best tech in Watch Dogs: Legion. Should you only want the SparkNotes, start here: get the AR Cloak, the Infiltrator Spiderbot, and the Deep Profiler as your first three.

Know Where to Find the Best Operatives

There are no NPCs in Watch Dogs: Legion, but that's its coolest feature and probably why you bought the game, right?

But just because all of the game world's inhabitants are playable doesn't mean you're always stuck with randomized Operatives. Each district in London can be turned Defiant by completing the three red side missions within the region's limits.

Once you do that, you'll receive one final Defiance mission, and when that's done, you will get a bounty of Tech Points as well as an elite-level Operative.

We've highlighted a few of these great allies already, such as the Watch Dogs: Legion Spy and Watch Dogs: Legion Hitman, but no matter your preference for team playstyle, tracking these guaranteed Operatives in an otherwise procedurally-generated populous can be very helpful.

Non-Lethal Options are Almost Always Available

There was a disconnect between the story of Watch Dogs 2 and the gameplay of Watch Dogs 2. The white-hat hackers killed a ton of people in their resistance movement, and while we can argue philosophy another day, it's good to see Watch Dogs: Legion fills what would've been a similar moral gap by offering a ton of non-lethal, or even non-combative options.

Some Operatives will bring their own lethal weapons to the group, but almost all the Tech you can unlock for the whole team is non-lethal. So if that's your way to play, focus on equipping your hacker heroes with stuff like the DedSec Pistol, DedSec SMG, and Electro-Shock Trap, all of which may leave some welts or bruises, but won't leave people in bodybags.

You Can't Customize Your Loadout in Restricted Areas

It's always going to be important to equip your hackers with the right tools for the job, and while the game usually gives you plenty of options in how to approach a mission, some may be ideal given your skills or situation.

For that reason, make sure to give your Operatives their best loadouts before you enter a restricted area (red areas) on the map. Once you're inside one, you can't swap out gadgets, so you'll either have to leave it again or work with what you've got.

Often times the AR Cloak or the Spiderbot will be your best friend, but they're not always equally helpful. Knowing the situation means saving yourself some time and frustration once you're behind enemy lines.

Clothing Options are Scattered Across the City

Because anyone can be your next hero, Watch Dogs: Legion allows you to customize them how you see fit, at least in some ways. Things like their tattoos, hairstyles, and hair colors are off-limits, but every hero needs a cool costume.

Luckily, London is loaded with clothing stores, selling high-end fancy pants, punk rockish studded denim, or even kitschy tourist garb, with a ton more in between. Don't think one store has all the clothing options available to you. There is a ton to sort through when seeking your own DedSec chic.

Check In at Your Safehouse For New Missions

The map in Watch Dogs: Legion is not nearly as cluttered or busy as past Ubisoft games. This is largely because the game's more systemic delivery of missions doesn't appear in the game this way. But there are still ways to add more blips to your radar if that's what you like.

Namely, as you find new allies, they will regularly offer new missions to you from inside your safehouse. Make sure to check back often as these missions have a few secrets in store, including that Stormzy mission you may have heard about.

You Can Take Pictures Whenever You Want

Sometimes missions in Watch Dogs: Legion will ask you to take pictures of incriminating evidence, but even when you're off-mission, you can take pictures using the same in-game photo mode tools you'd have on important missions. 

Wonder how to take pictures in Watch Dogs: Legion? It's simple. To access the camera at any time, hold Up on the D-Pad and press Y/Triangle for third-person photo mode or X/Square for first-person photo mode. There's also a selfie mode if you're feeling cute, even if you might delete later.

The Deep Profiler is the key to unlocking Watch Dogs: Legion's best bits. With it, every pedestrian, driver, guard, and anyone else has a story to tell.

We've already got a more thorough Deep Profiler guide dedicated to just this singular device, but as before here's the TLDR version: unlock it in the Tech menu, then add people to your Recruits and dig deep into their day-to-day lifestyle. It's invasive, sure, but it's for a good cause.

Those are the most essential tips and tricks you'll need to know for Watch Dogs: Legion. For more guides, consider checking out our help hub here, and if you found this article helpful, think about giving it a share! 


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Published Nov. 3rd 2020

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