Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 Update Introduces Button Remapping

The latest Switch system update lets you change up your control layouts, among other nifty things.

Nintendo dropped the Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 update last night, and the new Switch version brings with it a couple of very welcomed changes. The main one of these is the option to customize button layouts for certain controllers.

These include the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, the left and right Joy-Con, and the button layouts on the Joy-Con-less Nintendo Switch Lite. You can access this option under the "Settings" menu by navigating to the "Controllers and Sensors" portion.

The patch notes say other controllers aren't supported; presumably, it's referring to third-party Pro controller-type controllers.

Finally, you can save up to five different configurations for each Joy-Con, for the Switch Pro Controller, and for the Switch Lite. And there's also a handy reminder to let others know you've changed the buttons if you share systems.

In other news, Switch 10.0.0 finally lets you transfer DLC, downloads, and software updates between the system memory and SD cards. There are six new Animal Crossing: New Horizons player icons you can choose from now as well, and of course, there's the usual increased stability for the Switch.

The full patch notes are over on the Nintendo Support website. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Nintendo Switch news as it develops.


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Platforms Nintendo Switch
Published Apr. 14th 2020

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