(GSWW 1.1 Winner) Blizzard Wins Lawsuit Against Hearthstone Clone

Blizzard has won a lawsuit against a Chinese company for copyright infringement.

On Friday, Blizzard won a lawsuit against Chinese studio Unico Interactive. The studio released an exact replica of Blizzard's new hit game, Hearthstone. Blizzard claimed last year that this Hearth-clone, which had an added campaign mode, violated copyright laws. 

Unico Interactive is a Chinese video game studio with more than a few games under its belt.  However, the topic of this controversy is an online card game called Crouching Dragon Legends.  Apparently Blizzard noticed several similarities between the two games, which prompted them to file a lawsuit against Unico last year for infringing on their copyright.  And with good reason: this is Unico's version.

Since Unico's defeat, the company has been sentenced to pay Blizzard upwards $1.6 million for the violations, and the app has been removed from app stores.

Crouching Dragon Legends also made money off of players through in-game purchases, which Unico will be refunding by giving players free items and in-game currency for their other titles.


Published Nov. 16th 2014

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