Dark Souls II UK Pre-Orders 50 Percent Ahead of Original Title

It seems the sequel is on track to be more popular than the original.

Dark Souls II has received plenty of attention from the media, thanks in large part to a developer that isn't shy about sharing details. Publisher Namco Bandai is pumping in some serious advertising and marketing money, too.

Therefore, maybe it's no surprise to learn the following: According to MCV, pre-orders for the anticipated sequel are currently tracking 50 percent ahead of its predecessor. We don't know if it's the same situation in North America, but it's feasible. After the first Dark Souls sold 2.3 million worldwide, the IP gained plenty of traction with core gamers. Don't forget that many of those fans adored the first title, Demon's Souls (Dark Souls was the spiritual successor).

As for advertising, Namco will invest another £1m into marketing and promotion in the UK. Again, you might see a similar promotional push here in the US. The designers attempted to make a game that satisfied both the die-hard gamers in search of a challenge and the more casual players. Did they strike the appropriate balance?

Well, the hardcore needn't worry because this sequel will be just as brutally difficult as the original. In fact, we hear it could be even tougher. It's just a bit more accessible to newcomers, that's all.

Dark Souls II is scheduled to arrive in the US on March 11 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It'll drop three days later in the UK.

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Published Feb. 28th 2014
  • Samuel F
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    it deserves every single one of those pre-orders and I hope those strong numbers encourage them to start playing Dark Souls 3 and beyond.

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