Lindsay Lohan Releases Satirical Mobile Game

Lindsay Lohan released The Price of Fame, a satirical video game for your phone where you can become a celebrity through scandals.

Does the mobile game Kim Kardashian Hollywood seem somewhat enjoyable yet too serious for you to enjoy? If so, then Lindsay Lohan's The Price of Fame may be a better fit.

Lindsay Lohan's The Price of Fame is a satirical version of a celebrity's life. You start off as an unknown person, but soon rise in the ranks by gaining fans in order to follow in Lindsay's footsteps as her pet project. To do so, there is a large amount of swiping (or you can use in-app purchases to help you). Staying in this genre of gameplay, gamers can change outfits, buy property, and meet famous people, virtually of course.

However, differing from the genre, this game focuses more on the farsical side of the industry. Players can make a terrible rap album, live underwater or on their own planet, release a sex tape, fight in an elevator, get Botox for their children, and do other similarly bizarre actions. Part of the parody feel of the game comes from OK Go's Andy Ross, who actually programmed it in collaborate with Lohan.

If you're a fan of cell phone games and want aliens and tigers in your entourage, then you may need to check this game out. Are you intrigued by this game?


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Published Dec. 21st 2014

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