Zero Escape 3 confirmed for development

The Zero Escape series comes out of an indefinite hiatus to present Zero Escape 3.

After the cliffhanger ending to Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, fans were left to despair as Aksys Systems announced that the third installment in the Zero Escape series would have to be put on an indefinite hiatus due to it not selling well enough in Japan.  

In 2014, series creator and writer Uchikoshi Kotaro apologized profusely to the fans:

However, at this year's Anime Expo, Aksys Systems officially announced during their panel that the long awaited Zero Escape 3 is in development at last.

Uchikoshi appeared in person to present the teaser and share the good news with the fans of the series.

The official title and exact release date are not yet known, but developers are aiming for a Summer 2016 release.

The game has also been confirmed for release on both the 3DS and Vita.  Japanese and Western versions are being produced and will be localized simultaneously.

Operation Bluebird (the fan campaign for Zero Escape 3) and all Zero Escape fans in general have a lot to be happy about.  

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Published Jul. 3rd 2015

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