Excalibur Announces Upcoming City Simulation Collection

Excalibur has announced their City Simulator Collection, due out June 27th.

Excalibur has announced their new City Simulation Collection. These new simulations allow you to build or defend you city in a variety of ways. There are six titles in this collection: City Builder, Airport Firefighter Simulator, Disaster Response Unit, Police Simulator, Traffic Manager and finally, Emergency Ambulance Simulator.

  • City Builder allows you to manage a construction company and build great structures for your city.
  • Airport Firefighter Simulator lets you handle airport emergencies with equipment specifically designed for the job.
  • Disaster Response Unit gives you special equipment to clear debris, rescue your citizens and build bridges for them.
  • The Police Simulator lets you serve your city and protect it from evil forces.
  • Traffic Manager puts in charge of taking care of vehicular congestion by making infrastructure and making vehicle routes.
  • Emergency Ambulance Simulator rushes you to the scene of an accident, allows you to treat those injured and even sound the alarm as you race back to the hospital.

The City Simulation Collection will be available for PC on June 27th and will cost a cool £24.99 or $42.13. If you would like to know more about Excalibur or any of their simulators then you should click here. They do run discounts and are currently offering 25% off on downloads, but that is for a limited amount of time.


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Source mcvuk.com
Published May. 9th 2014

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