Skullgirls Heading to Japanese Arcades

Japanese arcade cabinets are about to be blessed by the glory that is Skullgirls.

Skullgirls seems to be taking off pretty well. It started off slow in the United States, but it built up a loyal fanbase that expanded with its port over to Japan and the DLC character Indiegogo campaign. Now Lab Zero Games' fighter will have a chance to reach more people in Japan as it gets ported to arcades.

Unlike in the United States where arcades are dead almost everywhere, the arcade scene is still alive and kickin' in Japan. This is why it comes with only a mild surprise that Skullgirls is getting an arcade port over there.

This has got to be exciting for the folks over at Lab Zero Games. Not only is there game doing pretty well in Japan, it's doing well enough to warrant an arcade port.

Living in southern California, I'm lucky enough to have a few arcades within an hour or so drive of my residence. I am really hoping they import the Skullgirls arcade cabinet. If not, maybe I can win the lottery and do it myself.

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Published May. 21st 2013

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