Elder Scrolls Online Chapter 1: The Basics

The Need-To-Knows of The Elder Scrolls: Online

As the Elder Scrolls Online draws nearer, still seemingly far away, we grasp blindly at any new information given to us by Zenimax Online Studios. Compiled below is a short list of some of the major things we can expect. In my coming articles we will delve deeper into more specific categories, but for now I will be mentioning some things you will need to be aware of throughout any further discussion. Keep in mind, some things may change after this has been posted. For now, here are some things we know!

  • 3 Factions.
  • ESO will contain 3 playable factions and takes place during the 2nd Era of Elder Scrolls history.

Aldmeri Dominion

  • Bosmer - Wood Elves
  • Khajit - Cat People
  • Altmer - High Elves

Ebonheart Pact

  • Argonian - Reptillian/Lizard Race
  • Nord - Human
  • Dunmer - Dark Elves

Daggerfall Covenant

  • Breton - Human
  • Orc - Orc
  • Redguard - Human

Races will be Faction Locked throughout the game, however upon reaching Level Cap, players will be able to quest through opposing factions territories.

Players will have a choice of three classes; Dragon Knight, Templar, and Sorcerer. Although the chosen class will provide boosts in certain areas, this will not prevent you from being able to play any style you like. You will still be able to equip whatever you like (true to previous Elder Scrolls games), and fight however you see fit.

Each spell and weapon type can be leveled and will develop a sort of skill tree for itself, giving you an even greater sense of control over progression.


Zones will be leveled, Spawns will not level with you, but will be relative to the area. Most dungeons will be instanced, however, there will be a selection of Public dungeons as well.


PvP will take place in Cyrodil (Think ESIV: Oblivion). Groups will be able to take control of different control points in the area and take the throne of the emperor, enabling a player to become the Emperor. The title is expected to come along with certain buffs etc.

The game will be hosted on one server, dubbed the 'Mega Server'. This will host all players, but allow players of similar play styles to play together, forcing them onto a sub-server. Players will be able to merge in and out as needed to group up with those whom they chose.

Controls are expected to handle similarly to Skyrim, allowing for true First-Person gameplay. It is presumed players will be able to manipulate items, but it will only appear client side, and not affect other players experience.

Quick Notes

  • Mods - Probably not
  • Inventory - Likely to be slotted as opposed to Weight based.
  • Player Housing: Devs say it will happen at some point.
  • ESO will feature an achievement system.
  • Theft/Crime to be added later
  • Dark Brotherhood / Thieves guild to be added later.
  • Voice acted Dialogue.
  • Combo attacks and Kill Cams will be in game
  • Players may be able to join Multiple guilds.

I know this seems more like a list than a true post, and that's because it is. As I said before I will go further into many of these topics later on, but all the above are things to be aware of to make any future reading easier to follow along.

Trey Stevens is a Writer, Musician, and of course gamer. He hosts a Radio Broadcast on Nordrassil Radio, and is a proud member of Guild Umbra.


Vijemo Media is a Multi Media Entertainment cooperation based in North Dakota, but located worldwide via YouTube, Twitch, and GameSkinny. Live Music, DJ, Karaoke, Design, and Audio Production.

Published Jun. 7th 2013

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