Fallout 76 Getting Stash Limit Increase, FOV Slider, and More in Upcoming Patches

Fallout 76 is getting its first update on November 19, and Bethesda has laid out some of what's to come in near patches.

If chatter across the Fallout 76 community is any indication, it's a game that needs some love to reach its true potential. Bethesda seems to have their ear to the ground and are hearing some of the rumblings from the playerbase, as the game will be receiving its first patch on November 19.

Bethesda laid out the contents of the first patch in a post on the official Fallout 76 website and a thread on Reddit. Both are worth a read if you're interested in the future of the game.

The first patch will primarily focus on optimization and bug fixes, but the posts do go over a few future planned features and changes as well.

Among the announced features in patches coming in the near future are:

  • Increased stash limit - The post states this will be coming sometime in the coming weeks, with its current low cap existing for technical reasons
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) - If you're sick of hearing a bunch of background noise you do not want to hear, this is great news
  • Field of view slider - If you wanted a FoV slider, you're getting it
  • Hunger bar bug fix - The Reddit post specifically mentions the bug where players' hunger wouldn't replenish and that it will be fixed in a near update
  • Random gunshots/sounds - The bug where players occasionally get barraged with loud ambient sounds will be fixed in an upcoming update
  • Ultra-wide support - For those with 21:9 displays
  • Exploit fixes - These are inevitable for any online game, really

We'll will have to wait until November 19 to find out what the general quality of life patch will bring, but this is all great news for those who have already bought Fallout 76 or are waiting to see how it fleshes out with updates before picking it up (good choice).

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Published Nov. 17th 2018

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