Holed up for a "Fortnite": Epic Teases Co-Op Defense Game With New Preview Vid

Epic Games releases preview of new IP "Fortnite" after 3 years and promises a goofy, unique atmosphere in this free-to-play zombie defense game.

Back in 2011, the minds behind the Gears of War franchise teased fans with the promise of a new IP in the form of Fortnite. Well, after 3 years of relative silence from Epic and just when people were beginning to think the project had been abandoned they released preview and gameplay videos on Gamespot.

This footage is still listed as Alpha according to Epic's site, but it certainly does seem to be coming along well. According to the studio Fortnite aims to combine gameplay aspects from Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, and many MMOs with a unique style and personality a bit more comedic than Epic's previous IP saw.

The game is going to be a free-to-play co-op, though so far the number of players remains unlisted. In the videos it looks like there might be 4-5 people defending against hordes of what I can only describe as alien-zombie-creatures.

These creatures attempt to attack Atlas - a device that the players must defend as it closes dangerous rifts in the world. Players are expected to scavenge and hunt for supplies before starting Atlas up, and then they use what they find to construct a fort around it full of traps and other nasty surprises for the inevitable waves of enemies that come at them.

Fortnite is currently in a closed Alpha state. Players can sign up here.

For more detailed information on the preview itself, check out Gamespot's feature.

Published Jul. 8th 2014

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