Evolution of Evil - The Changing Art Design of DOOM's Hellish Monsters

DOOM (1993)

The classic DOOM game caused quite a stir with its sheer horror and blood driven content. The 1993 classic FPS will always be looked upon as the first true game of its genre and the one that helped usher in a slew of FPS classics such as Goldeneye and the Halo franchise. But, enough about the game and its accomplishments, what about those monsters?

Not the scariest of demons but hey, it was 1993, what can you do? Most of the monsters look like floating boogers and, while not the intention of the developers, probably made most people laugh. The laughing would end quickly once one of those boogers shot a fireball at you. Looking at the new games' monsters compared to these ones is like looking at a computer in the 80’s compared to now. It’s easy to see that video games have come a long way in a little over two decades.

Published Apr. 20th 2016

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