Bohemia Interactive Announces ArmA 3 Alpha

ArmA 3 alpha trials start March 5 by pre-order and March 14-June 15 by invitation.

Bohemia Interactive announced that their upcoming PC shooter, ArmA 3, will enter alpha testing March 5th. 

To gain access, hit up Steam and pre-order any edition of the game. 

The basic Alpha edition runs $32.99 and features access to the alpha run and a copy of the game when the final version is released.

The $49.99 Digital Deluxe features a digital soundtrack, map, tactical guide, and ArmA: Cold War Assault.

The $91.99 Supporter Edition nabs you all of the above, ArmA X, all upcoming DLC for ArmA 3, forum perks, and the chance to have your name in the game credits. 

Co-Creative Director Jay Crowe expressed optimism that the alpha test would lead to a better final product:

The Arma 3 Alpha is a big milestone in the project's development. Testing early and often puts us on the right track towards improving performance, stability and delivering on our goal of creating a robust final release. It's also a big opportunity to get the game in the hands of our passionate community, which enables them to start work on their own creations, tailored to the fourth generation of the Real Virtuality engine.

Not quite ready to drop cash on the game? Hopefully you have a friend that did. Those who purchased the game can invite a friend to take part in Alpha Lite, which runs from March 14 until June 15. Don't know anyone who picked it up? No worries. The ArmA folks will be randomly distributing invites through their social media channels. Alpha Lite won't have the same functionality as the standard Alpha trial -- multiplayer and modding aren't included in the deal.

With the absolutely bizarre setback Bohemia encountered in developing the title, it's great to see them moving right along.

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Published Feb. 27th 2013

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