Call Of Duty WW2: Every Single Memento Collectible Location Revealed

Call of Duty's return to World War II still features collectible hunting with 33 mementos to pick up from France to Germany.

Whether you are invading the beaches of France, roasting Nazis to a crisp in their bunkers, or crossing the last bridge towards Berlin, there's a lot to do in Call Of Duty WW2's single player campaign.

From performing heroic actions to using squad skills, the completionist won't be lacking in objectives and achievements to hunt down, like picking up all the collectibles. 

Three memento collectibles are found in every single level (minus the Epilogue), for a total of 33. These mementos are scattered in some pretty hard to find locations, so its easy to miss a bunch of them if you are just playing through and not actively searching every inch of the maps.

Mission 1: D-Day Mementos

Memento #1

During the Ascend The Bluffs objective while Red is clearing the trenches, you will move underneath a wooden trench bridge and then forward a bit will be a machine gun nest facing towards the beach. The first memento is a Nazi knife sitting near the sandbags at the front of the nest.

 Memento 1 - Nazi Knife

Memento #2

Later in the same mission when your objective is to clear the third out of five bunkers in the trenches, there's a point where you can go forward into the bunker (your team should be standing right outside) or turn left and go down another trench tunnel. Go left and forward, then turn right into a small building that isn't part of the bunker clearing objective. This compass memento is sitting on a box right inside.

 Memento 2 - Compass

Memento #3

During the Destroy The Artillery objective, just after you are given thermite to blow up the artillery cannon, go into the barn building nearby. If you enter the far-right open entrance, the pathfinder patch memento is directly to your right on the bench.

 Memento 3 - Pathfinder Patch

Mission 2: Cobra Mementos

Memento #4

In the beginning during the Get On The Tank objective, instead of going forward towards the tank, turn right and head off to the side where there's a chair and two soldiers by a stack of barrels. The lighter memento is sitting on one of the upright barrels.

 Memento 4 - Lighter

Memento #5

When Red and the platoon are trying to reach the AA gun, there's a segment where you run across a large field that's partially on fire and has a bunch of random objects like a wagon and some barrels. Instead of running towards the objective, stay to the left to find a small shack in the corner. The pocket watch memento is on the desk inside the shack.

 Memento 5 - Pocket Watch

Memento #6

When you are pushing forward and using the tanks for cover, head over to the far right side of the area and look for a burning mine shaft entrance. The gas mas memento is on a Nazi corpse in the corner of the underground area.

 Memento 6 - Gas Mask

Mission 3: Stronghold Mementos

Memento #7

When your objective is to Take The Church and you have to fight past the Nazis hiding behind the cars in front of a destroyed building, head inside the building and go up the stairs to second floor.

There's a spot where it looks like you should jump across the broken floor to another location, but don't actually jump. Instead, go right to the edge and then turn around, and you will see the locket memento hanging on the other side of the wall.

 Memento 7 - Locket

Memento #8

Inside the church, when snipers are shooting at from the area high above, go forward past the ammo box and piano then hang a right into the open area nearby. Turn around so you are facing the front of the church and look down to find the SS pin memento in a broken section of floor.

 Memento 8 - SS Pin

Memento #9

When you have to defend against hordes of troops coming up the right and left paths, go slightly down the right side path and look for a broken segment of ground in front of a door. The fuel canister memento is on the ground in front of the door.

 Memento 9 - Fuel Canister

Mission 4: S.O.E. Mementos

Memento #10

During the Stop The Train objective, go inside the house with the car parked outside and wagon wheel near the door. Head all the way through the house to the cobblestone parking area on the back side. The memento is in a hidden barrel that's just out of sight behind a bush and next to the two bodies.

 Memento 10 - White Rose Poster

Memento #11

During the same objective you will walk by a huge bonfire into a house. Go forward into the back room and look for the memento sitting on a desk to your left next to a vase of flowers.

 Memento 11 - Dog Collar

Memento #12

After the train chase when the objective is Rally With Your Squad, crouch underneath the fallen segment of train, then hang a right and go forward to find a corner with a bunch of destroyed boxes. The memento is on top of a box.

 Memento 12 - Rocket Blueprint

Mission 5: Liberation Mementos

Memento #13

When you get inside the building and enter the main ground floor room to start looking for your contact, go forward through the open double doors and past the black cage. Turn right and then open the bathroom door. The collectible is on the floor inside one of the open stalls.

 Memento 13 - Propaganda Poster

Memento #14

After killing the Nazi with the broken bottle you enter a stealth segment where you need to sneak past guards to plant the explosives. Instead of jumping down, go to the right of the banister outside the window and jump across to another ledge that's barely visible. Head forward underneath the big red banners and take out the guard patrolling the upper area.

Go inside the window to your right and head out of the room into the waiting area, where you have to kill another guard. Go down the stairs and towards the room with the truck where you are supposed to plant the explosives. Instead of doing that, pick the lock on the door next to the truck. Turn right and go up the stairs to the second floor. Head into the office to find the next memento on the floor right next to the door.

 Memento 14 - Liquor Bottle

Memento #15

When the mission switches back to Red and you need to assault the garrison, there's a segment when you can look to your right to see the large building with the search lights going behind. Cross the bridge and go forward to the area with the semi-circle half walls. The memento is on the table beyond the half wall.

 Memento 15 - German Medal

Mission 6: Collateral Damage Mementos

Memento #16

When you go by the statue on the way to finding the hotel, head to the right past the cars and craters and run to the end of the street beyond the signs. Turn left to see your squad sitting there waiting. The memento is on top of the piano by the wall.

 Memento 16 - Music Sheet

Memento #17

In the building with the large holes in the walls (where you perform a heroic action), there's a point where you can go forward and up through another blasted hole, or instead turn left at a painting. Go forward past the painting instead of turning left, then head up to the next floor and go down the hallway. Jump across the open chasm to the other room with the couch to find the memento sitting on the fireplace.

 Memento 17 - Cigarette Box

Memento #18

After pushing the truck out of the way and blowing up the wall to gain access to the hotel, immediately turn right and go inside the first door on the right hand side of the hallway. The memento is near the floor on the back side of the counter.

 Memento 18 - Hotel Pen

Mission 7: Death Factory Mementos

Memento #19

During the Eliminate The Mortar Team objective, jump down into the area with the trucks and supplies and head to the back of one of the trucks. The memento is on the stack of boxes next to the rear of the truck.

 Memento 19 - German Flare Gun

Memento #20

In the Find Your Squad objective segment, go past the dead paratrooper hanging from the tree and jump over the broken piece of plane wing to the left. Jump over some logs and shoot the dog that rushes towards you, then look directly to your left to see the memento in the cockpit section of the crashed plane.

 Memento 20 - Food Container

Memento #21

In the sniper segment when you have to crawl through the maze, open the thick steel door leading to the sniper nest where a soldier rushes out and hits you with the butt of his gun. After taking out the Nazi, head upstairs and kill the sniper when he jumps out of hiding.

Turn around so you are facing the stairs going down, and jump across to a ledge. Turn around again so you are facing back towards the sniper's nest, and you will see the memento on the floor.

 Memento 21 - US Army Rations

Mission 8: Hill 493 Mementos

Memento #22

When you have to escort the engineer up the hill towards the bunker, there's a dead soldier lying by a tree stump on the right side. The memento is directly n ext to the soldier's body.

 Memento 22 - Journal

Memento #23

When you are in the trenches for the Destroy The Artillery objective, directly to the right of the artillery piece is a hidden alcove where the next memento is located.

 Memento 23 - Pipe

Memento #24

After opening another heavy steel door, you will be commanded to sweep the area before you can get to the next artillery gun. Turn left down the trench and run all the way forward until you see a partially hidden cement pillbox. The memento is on the open window section.

 Memento 24 - Bill Fold

Mission 9: Battle Of The Bulge Mementos

Memento #25

When you gain control of Red and are supposed to deliver a case of ammo, the memento is available almost immediately. Just ahead and to your right are several soldiers talking. Just in front of them is a camera sitting on the rock to your right.

 Memento 25 - Camera

Memento #26

Immediately after delivering the ammo box at the base of the Christmas tree, this memento can be found on the right side of the dug out segment next to a branch.

 Memento 26 - Comic Book

Memento #27

During the Hold The Line objective when everyone is behind the half wall cover, go to the far right side of the line and then turn around and go up a short path to find another dug out section covered in tarp. The memento is on a box on the left side.

 Memento 27 - US Metal Wings

Mission 10: Ambush Mementos

Memento #28

During the Reach The Overwatch Position objective, climb under a hole in the fence near the ground and go inside the bunker immediately to your right (a truck will be on your left). Head forward out the side door of the bunker, then enter the next bunker across from you. The memento is on the table with the lamp.

 Memento 28 - Magazine

Memento #29

During the Reach The Tower objective, run into the red bunkhouse. The memento is on the right side of the bunkhouse on top of a night stand near the closed door.

 Memento 29 - Silver Flask

Memento #30

During the segment where you are supposed to provide overwatch for Piers on, head into the tower but don't go up the stairs yet. Instead, turn right to find this memento sitting on some boxes underneath the metal support beams.

 Memento 30 - German Wings Medal

Mission 11: The Rhine Mementos

Memento #31

During the objective to Secure The Tower where you have to run up the open tower on the right, run up two flights of stairs so you are on the second to top floor. The memento is in the middle of the floor by a dead soldier and a series of boxes.

 Memento 31 - German Canteen

Memento #32

When you next have to go up a tower on the left side, head to the second floor and grab this memento sitting on a table near the staircase.

 Memento 32 - Beer Stein

Memento #33

The final memento is in the exact same tower as the previous one. Head up to the top floor to find this memento sitting on a box next to a machine gun.

 Memento 33 - Letter

That's all 33 Call Of Duty WW2 mementos to collect during the single player campaign, snagging you the Pieces Of History achievement! Special thanks to Power Pyx for the screenshot help.

Looking for help with the rest of this sprawling World War 2 epic? Be sure to check out our full list of CoD WW2 walkthrough content here:

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