A new fighter for Street Fighter 5 Leaked

Some screenshots of a new original character for Street Fighter 5 seem to have been leaked courtesy of Famitsu.

Capcom has been treating their fans by revealing more and more of their Street Fighter 5 roster with Zangief, Karin and Rashid...but now it seems that a original character has been leaked in a non-official manner.

Say hello to Laura, it seems that she was leaked via a, now removed, Famitsu post showing off some sweet moves.

Luckily some websites like NeoGAF and Eventhubs were able to grab the pics of Laura before they were deleted. The pictures seem pretty authentic and Yoshinori Ono had been teasing a big Street Fighter 5 reveal for the upcoming Brazil Games Show. Ono's reaction also seems to legitimize these leaks.

Laura is likely from Brazil, since Ono was gearing up for the Brazil Games Show and seeing as all the pictures feature a Brazil background. From the attacks and holds Laura is using on Ryu in the screenshots, she could be using some form of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Laura also may share some similarities with Blanka, the Street Fighter representative for Brazil, as she also appears to have some lighting-based attacks and some sort of projectile move.

The caption included with her picture can be translated into what seems to be a catchphrase says "It starts with a beat and ends with a bang!" Capcom has not released an official comment about this recent unofficial character reveal, but it looks like Street Fighter fans have an awesome new character to fight with.


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Published Oct. 4th 2016

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