Overwatch agents are making unexpected appearances around the world

Shopping centers around the world are getting amazing toy replicas of Overwatch's signature characters.

Blizzard's highly anticipated team based shooter Overwatch is coming in just a few days! You know what that means? It's time for extravagant viral marketing! Seemingly popping up overnight, this giant display found outside the Hollywood Highland mall depicts an action figure of Overwatch's well known scout Tracer.

The scale is actually pretty impressive, standing at around 8 feet tall, (not including her box of course). It also comes with all of her accessories, such as her double pistols and as the box mentions, her "light up" chronal accelerator.

It seems Blizzard put the word out in a recent post on Twitter regarding a few of Overwatch's agents activating around the world. Another side of the box makes mention of Genji and Pharah also arriving.

Genji has already made his appearance in Paris, France, with Pharah presumably arriving Busan, South Korea later today. Here are some pictures of the Genji figure courtesy of ICBreaker's  & Mamytwink's Twitter accounts.

"Summon the Dragon Blade!", Genji's box exclaims in a way that screams 90's action figures. It's funny that this doesn't make me any more excited for a game that I already want to come out. Instead now I'm filled with an intense desire to collect all of these Overwatch action figures should they ever actually be released. If that was Blizzard's plan all along, than sign me up.

As of right now there is no official word on any Overwatch figures that will be similar to this style being released to the public. There will however be an adorable line of Pop! brand vinyl figures coming this May to hopefully sate my Overwatch toy hunger.


Joshua Potter (AmeNemA) is an avid video game player, having been hunting ducks and collecting coins since he was a toddler. Now he applies his years of knowledge to writing about the games he's come to love.

Published May. 21st 2016

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