Immortal Conquest's Charity Campaign begins with 10,000 players already signed up

Mobile developer NetEase’s Nerd Vs. Veteran charity battle in Immortal Conquest is officially underway.

Mobile developer NetEase’s Nerd Vs. Veteran charity battle in Immortal Conquest is officially underway. A total of $15,000 dollars is up for grabs and will be donated to the winning factions chosen charity.

As both sides prepare their forces for combat, interested players can join specific Discord servers for either the Nerd or Veteran alliance. Over 10,000 players are fighting in this contest, and the match is still going strong. The battle allows both sides to show differing strategies while keeping up friendly competition for charity. 

While both sides fight to conquer Delphi, both Leaders have been formally introduced. Rapper Dan Bull and Stack-Up CEO Stephen Machuga might be the Ambassadors to both sides, but the players leading the fight are DayDreamZ and Dan Wise (aka. Little Lewbowsky). DayDreamz is celebrated for being one of the most elite strategy gamers by ranking in the top 10 in Clash of Kings, as well as being a noted strategy gamer on YouTube. Dan Wise is straight from the Pentagon after two deployments to Iraq, he’s an avid strategy gamer with skills in logistics and development.

Nerds and Veterans are fighting to conquer the city of Delphi in-game, a city notorious for its difficulty. Nerds began in Asgard, while Veterans began in Vanaheim. If either side is unable to take the city by the deadline, the winner will be chosen by the team with the most regional capitals. If it’s a tie, the money will be split evenly for both sides to donate to their preferred charity. The contest began with a $30,000 donation from Netease, the developers of Immortal Conquest, to Stack-Up: a charity dedicated to sending games to deployed soldiers and returning veterans.

Immortal Conquest is a strategy game that is heavily focused on the complexities of war, letting players create cities, build armies, and expand their territory to rule the world. Each in-game season resets the world, letting players fight for dominance. Interested gamers can download Immortal Conquest for free on iOS and Android.

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Published Oct. 31st 2017

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