inFamous: Second Son Gameplay Footage Makes Us Drool

Second Son just keeps looking better and better...

It's one of the most anticipated games for the PlayStation 4. In fact, many would put it atop their "must-play" list for 2014.

We've seen plenty of trailers for inFamous: Second Son, but we care most about gameplay, right? We want to see this bad boy in action. That's why we especially appreciate the latest footage, courtesy of Taiwanese news site EToday.

It's over five minutes of glorious top-tier action, featuring protagonist and "bioterrorist" Delsin Rowe. In this footage, Delsin must take down an armored vehicle, which is unsurprisingly guarded by a great many foes. The protagonist - who we see draining neon to refuel that particular power - takes 'em all out in fine style. That includes a ton of environmental destruction, one of the new features in this next-gen installment.

Delsin will also have access to smoke-based powers and a couple of others, which are currently unannounced. As for the control, it appears to be tight and reliable. Things get a little too superhero-y for my taste when he runs up walls, but I can deal with it.

I've always wanted this more than Killzone: Shadow Fall

If I could've picked one game for the PlayStaion 4 launch, it would've been inFamous: Second Son. I'm sick of shooters, and as entertaining as Shadow Fall was (it didn't deserve a lot of the flak it received), I wanted the open-world greatness that is inFamous. Here's hoping it meets our lofty expectations!

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Published Jan. 28th 2014

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