Wireless PC Adapter for Xbox One controllers coming this month

One more reason for the mouse and keyboard to collect dust.

For PC players that quietly prefer the feel of a controller over a mouse and keyboard (don't worry, you aren't alone), there's good news. Later this month, Microsoft is releasing a Wireless PC Adapter for use with Xbox One controllers, which until now have only been usable through the attachment of a micro USB cable. 

The adapter is due to release on October 20th for $25, but the caveat is that it will only work for users that have upgraded to Windows 10.

The adapter is also listed for sale on GameStop and Amazon with different release dates, but Microsoft has since confirmed that the official release date is the 20th of this month.

Depending on your set-up, the Wireless Adapter could end up being a bit of a godsend. As any tech savvy person can attest, wires are both plentiful and messy, and having one less to deal with is always a good thing. Plus, if you aren't planning on investing in the Steam Machine, this is a cheap alternative for creating a console-like experience with a desktop PC, especially if you can run your computer off of your living room TV.

While you could simply buy a Steam Controller, there are no guarantees that it will be able to outperform the Xbox One controller, which is arguably the best controller on the market right now.

Published Oct. 13th 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Associate Editor
    Having now used the PS4 and Xbox One controllers a lot. they are both pretty fantastic, I can pick small things I prefer in both of them. But Sony really need to keep their promise of the DS4 being plug n play with PC.
    Microsoft are keeping theirs with this dongle.
  • Daniel R. Miller
    Featured Contributor
    I like both controllers just fine, though I do get stronger battery life on an Xbox One controller. But it's not like one side is being left completely in the dust.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Associate Editor
    Very true! Both great controllers!
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Counting the days. Going to order a rechargeable battery pack and the wireless adapter. Can't wait to lay in bed and play FF7 on a wireless Xbox One controller.
  • Daniel R. Miller
    Featured Contributor
    The rechargable pack is awesome. I get great battery life, and it's one less expense. Right now I'm running an Xbox Controller through a really small micro USB cable and USB extension cord, so I'm looking forward to cleaning up that little mess.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Associate Editor
    I'm using the long cable that comes with an Xbox One, the short one is being used on my Xbox One if I want to charge my controller from it.

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