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Here are the Top 10 Most Diabolically Fashionable!

Unsurprisingly perhaps, Necromancers completely swept this category.

They picked it up, and dragged it off kicking and screaming to some dark, terrifying cave of horrors, where it would never to see the light of day again.

Okay, maybe a little over the top. But you'll be feeling the despair yourself after you check these dark fashion icons out. 

Who's the Most Diabolical?

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Want to check out the rest of the fashion finalists?


Character: Scyythid - Sylvari Necromancer

r.Manushya selected great armor and dye combos to put together a frighteningly gorgeous look for her Sylvari Necromancer.

"I feel that this mix of armor, weapons and dye make my necromancer look like she actually fiddles with the undead arts."


Character:  Djin Sera, the Sylvari Necromancer - 'The King of Orr'

kristopher.ying used three different sets to painstakingly put together his look based on the Arah shoulders. (Personally, I'm seeing some hints of Skeletor.)

" I finally obtained my Arah Shoulders, I was determined to create the best skin I could around them, however I have been through 5 or 6 different setups to reach what I have today."


Character:  Rokk Soulstorm, Asura Necromancer 

RuOK_7294 got a great picture of his Asura Necromancer. Just look at those eyes - cold as ice!

"The inspiration for his look came to me when I saw the Corrupted Skreggox and I really liked its skin. I decided that it would be nice to have an icy Necromancer since most people prefer the darker color palette."


Character:  Miss Edgy - Human Mesmer

MEd_6530 says that:

"I was going for a "serial killer" look."

Well, you got it. This lady is the stuff of nightmares. Check out her gear combo here:


Character:  Sinderella, Sylvari Necromancer 

Gnomegoddess put together a cold look and a chilling backstory for her necro. 

"The Nightmare Court captured her father and wanted him to perform unspeakable experiments on unwilling Sylvari. His refusal cost him his life."


Character:  Name Unknown, Asura Necromancer 

Xenakisbane took inspiration for this lady necro from Diablo, Lord of Terror from Diablo III. Her fashion is on fire!

"It Burns..."


Character:  Morana, Necromancer 

Mckarnin chose an elegant but eerie look for this Necro. But don't take our word for it. Morana speaks for herself in her entry: 

"I am Morana, and I bring you the gift of suffering."


Character: Goshawk, Human Thief

BIRDPUNCHER managed to convince Goshawk to pose for some pictures, but it seems like it might have been a challenge. Be sure to check out her entry for the entertaining backstory on this crazy evil look.

"She's of the mistaken belief that leather trenchcoats are the height of fashion, but I, for one, am not about to correct her.  Do you see those knives? "


Character: Dúchana of the Bog, Sylvari Necromancer 

Sakkanushi put a lot of thought into what she wanted for her Sylvari necro:

"Despite the "evil Sylvari" character trope quickly approaching borederline cliche in regards to roleplay... Well, to have Dúchana stand out from the dime and dozen attempts to fulfill a villainous role is something else I aspire for."

Dúchana, on the other hand, has been busy thinking about other things.

"Oh, please do stop struggling dear. I’m not going to kill you... "


Character: Fading Shadow, Asura Necromancer 

RelaxinGuy has created a look for his Asura Necro that you'll not soon forget.

"The Shadows will come for everyone."


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