Civilization: Beyond Earth Patch Connects with Starships

Civ: Beyond Earth Patch connects with Starships

Everyone loves it when their older games lead into their newer games, giving the older games some extra life and making their progress in the first game worth something more.

Earlier this year, Firaxis announced that their next Sid Meier title was going to connect with Civilization: Beyond Earth. Soon, Firaxis is going to roll out a new patch for Beyond Earth that will tie it to their next title, Starships.

Starships will be a turn-based strategy game releasing on iOS and PC sometime in 2015. Starships takes place after Beyond Earth, following humanity's journey to the stars.

The patch that is going to roll out soon will connect the two games. Once everything is released, players will be able to log into their my2K account inside Beyond Earth, giving them access to an exclusive Glacier planet map.


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Published Jun. 15th 2020

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