Star Wars Battlefront February update rolls out today

Star Wars Battlefront releases a February patch that includes maps, weapon tweaks and more.

Star Wars Battlefront has received its monthly update. The free patch includes several changes to star cards, weapons, vehicles, and plenty more. The update also adds in a new map on Hoth called Twilight. The map is set on Hoth during nighttime, and is playable in the Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Turning point playlist.

Speaking of Turning Point, the update also allows players to play Turning Point on all of the planets, and not just Jakku. Also, Leia has been given a new outfit on Endor as a reward to the Battlefront community for completing the community challenge.

This is the third free update for the game, and will be followed by another in March -- along with the first paid DLC titled Outer Rim. In a blog post announcing that the February update is live, the Battlefront website may have included a hint as to what is to come in March. While it is not much of a surprise, they have confirmed that a new hero will be included in the expansion. So much for Jabba or the rancor being added as a playable character. We’ll just have to settle for Yoda (a guy can hope).

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Published Feb. 23rd 2016
  • Kif Intil
    The game felt a bit more balanced after this update for sure, Boba Fett is still way too op though.
  • Eric Adams
    Featured Contributor
    What do you think of the A-Wing getting buffed? I thought it was the best star fighter in the game already and now it is even more op. I agree about Boba Fett but honestly all of them are op. Otherwise what is the point of getting excited when you get the power-up?

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