Ten more Minecraft seeds with villages

Still looking for that perfect Minecraft seed with a nearby village? Check out ten more of the best seeds that we've found!

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Whether you're looking to set up shop next to some potential trading partners, need to find a quick set of armor or bookshelves, or you want to build a grand civilization filled with happy villagers, its important to know where your villages are in any Minecraft seed. Here are ten more of the best Minecraft seeds with villages that we've found.

An Island Village Right at Spawn

This village is impossible to miss -- just turn to your right when you spawn and it will be right there. There are desert and savannah biomes nearby, and plains a little further out, plus there are tons of livestock nearby, making this a great start. The village is also surrounded by a lot of water, making defense that much easier.

Seed: 5887144077778543628

A Village Right at Spawn in an Awesome Valley

This village is even easier to find -- it's right behind you! This spawn starts you in a deep valley with some really cool looking hills, and the village that you start next to has a stocked blacksmith to get you started. There's a lava pool and plenty of livestock nearby, so you're in pretty good shape from the get-go.

Seed: -429743888

An Awesome Village Right at Spawn

There's nothing fancy about this seed, except that you spawn right next to this really cool village, which has a stocked blacksmith, two libraries, a lava pool, tons of livestock, and a nearby stronghold - if you're willing to look for it. It's a great place to start any adventure!

Seed: -4456731941810876400

A Desert Village at Spawn

If you're looking for something a little bit more adventurous, this seed starts you out right next to an awesome desert village that's near savannah and plains biomes as well, giving you tons of options for where you want to go. There's also some very cool mountains to the south, if you're willing to make the trek.

Seed: 3441394858347513640

A Villlage on a Plain with a Huge Forest Nearby

This village is a little further from your spawn point, but it's still plenty easy to reach and is in the middle of a huge plain that sits next to an awesome forest and a bunch of really cool mountains. There are also horses, sheep, and cows in the area, making this a great place to set up a ranch, if that's your thing.

Village Coordinates: X 245 Y 70 Z 530

Seed: -9004836993073156691

A Savannah Village with Hills

This one is also a bit of a trek, but the village is in the middle of a huge savannah with cool hills nearby and a very unique layout. There's plenty of water, livestock, and a stronghold nearby, if you're willing to look for it. 

Village Coordinates: X = -108 Y = 71 Z = 172

Seed: 666

A Desert Village with Diamonds and Temples Nearby

If you're in an adventuring mood, this is the village you want to set up shop next to. It's a bit of a trek from spawn, but the massive desert its in has multiple temples with plenty of diamonds, a stronghold, and plenty of other goodies to find. Just make sure to bring some food, it's a long walk!

Village Coordinates: X -190 Y 70 Z 200

Seed: 4699414013460619489

A Desert Village and Temple Right at Spawn

This seed has adventure and trade waiting for you as soon as you spawn, with a temple immediately to your left and a desert village to the north, both along a convenient river. Get yourself some treasure from a little "archaeology" and start trading right away!

Temple Coordinates: X -135 Y 70 Z -230

Village Coordinates: X 0 Y 67 Z -154

Seed: 53526209

Two Villages Right Next to Each Other

This seed has a really unique feature -- two villages, very close to spawn, that are practicallly on top of each other. In addition to all the extra stuff you can find and the additional trading opportunities, this gives you an awesome chance to make a super-village, a trade network, or any number of other cool build ideas that might not be possible otherwise.

Village One: X 337 Y 65 Z 234

Village Two: X 526 Y 65 308

Seed: 4506230852520519186

A Mega-Village and Desert Temple

This seed has another awesome, unique feature -- an extra large village! With tons of houses, a blacksmith, libraries, and more, this is one of the biggest we've ever seen, and it's on the intersection of a bunch of different biomes, including a great savannah. The village is due west of spawn, and there's a desert temple just south of it as well, so you're in pretty good shape if you can plunder them both.

Seed: -986827281

Did we miss any? What seeds do you know of that have villages in them? Let us know in the comments below!


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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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