The 10 Best Minecraft Seeds With Villages

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Editor's Note: If you're looking for awesome village seeds that will work following the recent Frostburn update, please visit this village seeds article instead, as most of the seeds listed here are not compatible with post-update versions of Minecraft.


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This is a great Minecraft village seed with an island village, lots of livestock, a lava pool, and a nearby water temple. Build yourself an island fortress or base and go exploring!

Seed: -683486969

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This really cool seed has five villages and two desert temples near the spawn, giving you an awesome head start on your survival project and offering tons of potential for trading and building. 

Seed: -9065479248748140566

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The village in this Minecraft seed is a little further away in this seed than some of the others, but it has some really awesome geography, good biome distribution, and a secret tunnel!

Seed: "Juliard"

This is a Minecraft super seed. The r/Minecraft Reddit community tested a whole bunch of seeds to find out which one was the best in terms of biome and village content, and this came out on top. Every biome exists within 2000 blocks of spawn and there are nine villages in the immediate area. Go nuts!

Seed: 7022332759775054181

Another heavily tested Minecraft seed, this one has one of the highest concentrations of structures near spawn of any seed -- there are eleven villages and nine desert temples or witches huts!

Seed: 1680538402529060016

This seed is a little bit more spread out in terms of biomes and other features, but still has ten villages close to the spawn and a handful of temples to visit. This makes it one of our favorite Minecraft spawn points.

Seed: -7136334341472775526

A little simpler, this seed spawns you on a grassy plain near a village. There are some desert temples and other villages a little further away, and a water temple, if you can find it!

Seed: -912156475508463006

Like horses? This is the seed for you! In addition to a nearby village with a blacksmith and a desert temple, there are tons of horses roaming near spawn. Don't walk anywhere again!

Seed: 8678942899319966093

Another cool Minecraft seed with lots of villages, this one starts you on the border of grasslands and desert, with one village close by and the others in easy walking distance. There are a couple desert temples as well.

Seed: -9065479248748140566

This is a really unique and great Minecraft seed with a witch hut on stilts and a village just southwest of spawn. The village blacksmith has plenty of loot and the whole thing sits on a huge abandoned mineshaft. If you're looking for a cool and interesting spawn with lots to explore, this is it.

Seed: 96909624

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Published Mar. 6th 2015


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  • Jeremiah Johnson _1363
    This seed suck because you don't spawn in the biom and no village
  • Lao_7125
    the number 9 worked for me remember to also paste the - before the numbers
  • adindA
    It doesn't work
    Fake seed ... There is no village
  • kennethcubilo
    mine minecraft are v15.0
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    are these really real or fake
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    This doesn't work 😔 I am just a poor little princess who just wants to play some minecraft and I tryed this seed... 😭😭😭 it didn't work at all, I expected to land in this big desert than I expected to walk a bit and then find this beautiful temple... But no I walked into the woods and there were just a bunch of trees and no life and no villagers and no villages I strongly dislike who ever said this worked 😫
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    Does it have to be survival?
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    Can't wait to try this seed! Which version do I use?
  • Kayla _8726
    Their is no villages
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    Mine seed did not work
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    I tried this and i found no horses
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    This is cool
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