Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: Ripard Teg (Rote Kapelle)

He's Ripard Teg who, in his own words, has "succumbed to 'bittervet' disease, but I'm wandering the New Eden landscape (and from time to time, the MMO landscape) in search of a cure." So now you know: he's basically a space leper.

Ships Flown this Tournament: Sleipnir command ship, Damnation command ship (x2), Brutix Navy Issue battlecruiser
Survival Percentage: 75%
BattleClinic Rank: #10,208 (up 32 from #10,240)
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X (2012)

Alliance: Rote Kapelle
Alliance Form:

  • 2012 (ATX) - Eliminated from Final 16 by eventual Tournament Champions Verge of Collapse
  • 2010 (ATVIII) - Eliminated from Final 16 by HYDRA RELOADED

Ripard Teg

Ripard Teg is a man of the people. He has long been a commentator on all things internet spaceships via one of EVE's most popular and successful blogs, Jester's Trek, where he has earned the nickname “Roboblogger” for his ability to belt-feed out verbose and insightful blogposts on a daily basis.

This year, he has also achieved his ambition to represent the EVE player population on the subscriber-elected 8th Council of Stellar Management and holds the position of Vice Chairman.

His knowledge and experience as a combat pilot are indicated by the depth of knowledge shown on his blog, where he's covered everything from PvP fundamentals to missioning and incursions. Some more hardcore players might see this as an indicator of 'carebear' tendencies (EVE's PvP purists tend to sneer at any connection to PvE), but Rote Kapelle are serious contenders and wouldn't jeopardise their title chances by including a sub-par pilot.

Whether Ripard Teg can keep his eye on the prize whilst fulfilling his duties as a spaceship politician and a cybernetic blogger from the future remains to be seen.


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Featured Columnist

Broken paramedic and coffee-drinking Englishman whose favourite dumb animal is an oxymoron. After over a decade of humping and dumping the fat and the dead, my lower spine did things normally reserved for Rubik's cubes, bringing my career as a medical clinician to an unexpectedly early end. Fortunately, my real passion is in writing and given that I'm now highly qualified in the art of sitting down, I have the time to pursue it. Having blogged about video games (well, mostly EVE Online) for years, I hope to channel my enjoyment of wordcraft and my hobby of gaming into one handy new career that doesn't involve other people's vomit.

Published Aug. 3rd 2013

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