Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: WarGod (Verge of Collapse)

If EVE ever needed the tale of a former champion who fell on hard times, but then overcame impossible odds to return to form in a glorious comeback, then maybe this was it. If you see him, give him a hug. Or a beer. Or a title shot. ADRIAN!!!!!

Ships Flown this Tournament: Oneiros logistics cruiser x2, Guardian logistics cruiser, Etana prize ship
Survival Percentage: 50%
BattleClinic Rank: #38
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X Champion, Alliance Tournament VI Champion, Alliance Tournament V Runner-Up

Alliance: Verge of Collapse
Alliance Form:

  • 2012 (ATX) - CHAMPIONS


According to Battleclinic (a web-based aggregator of all EVE Online combat statistics) WarGod is the 38th most dangerous EVE pilot in the known universe. This is even more impressive since all he ever seems to fly is an Oneiros logistics cruiser – a ship traditionally fitted with absolutely no offensive ability at all.

It is apparent that WarGod is a world-class space priest, but there is far more to his story.

It seems that in the distant past he once flew for Pandemic Legion, playing a role in their early tournament runs and earning himself a silver medal for Alliance Tournament V in 2008, and a winner's medal in 2009's 6th tournament in the first of Pandemic Legion's victories.

But then he moved on. As Pandemic Legion went from strength to strength, WarGod went from alliance to alliance, seemingly without much luck, certainly in tournament terms.

He played a brief role flying an Armageddon battleship against HUN Reloaded in Triumvirate.'s short-lived ATVII campaign. Then he signed up with Against ALL Authorities, who had a respectable run in the 8th Alliance Tournament, but apparently did not make use of WarGod's services.

Alliance Tournament IX came and went. WarGod played no part. By then he was part of a corporation called V0LTA who did not make an appearance in 2011's tournament. Some might be forgiven for thinking that WarGod had lost the taste for tournaments. Who could blame him.

Then V0LTA founded a modest alliance called Verge of Collapse, which quietly turned up to Alliance Tournament X with little fanfare and proceeded to tear everyone else's faces off. No one expected it, which made the comeback all the more delicious.

In the eye of the storm, quietly working to keep his team-mates alive?

WarGod in his logistics cruiser.

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