Introducing The Game Nanos

Bringing back the wall and bounce games, but with a strong kick. So you can play it allong or with up to four players at the same time, for multiplayer madness.

Under the flag of Excamedia we are bringing back the old wall and bounce games but with a strong kick! For one up to 4 player madness. Storymode and partymode to show how much more there is to win in old genres.

As being member of the Roche Fusion team(top down, space arcade, shmup), I had a great chance to see how old genres could still be very relevant in this day and age. Not just fancy HD graphics, but add more to the table. We created a retro revolution and it fitted right in with this old concept I had laying around in which I planned to do the same.

As now also being a member of Excamedia, I got all the freedom to produce quite alot of my ideas I had laying on the shelf and one of the first titles we started on was Nanos! It was a title which I was supposed to make with another programmer, which sadly could not find the time to do so and now I had all the help I needed. So hereby I would like to show you the original game trailer(which is how I first planned it to be, but there will be even more in there!):

But I do have to say that not even one day in production the programmer (Victor Adamse) already surprised me by taking the concept a step further than I already had in mind. So before I knew it we did not have a 1 vs. 1 game, but an awesome 4 player game.

We had the chance to show our game at First Look 2014 this past weekend and the crowd just went crazy even though it is in such an early stage. So for us there was no choice but to share with all of you this (very) early alpha and let you all play with this concept. So we will be uploading a small updated version so you can play alone or with one or more friends. But we would recommend this version to play it with a friend.

So we hope you will have fun and try the game! And above all, please leave us your feedback!


Being part of the Indie Industrie and working on 12 different titles I have an interesting inside view of the industry and love to share what I myself am working on and others in my Network. So expect many news and insights from my own and other peoples games and the studios we work for (but no reviews/previews ofcourse).

Published Oct. 16th 2014

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