Diablo III Nominee in Dragon Slayer Awards: Top Community Management Team

Diablo III joins the ranks of its brother, WoW, as nominee for the Dragon Slayer Award of Top Management Community Team. This award is given out annually, and this year is certain to be pretty exciting given that Blizzard (to complete the little family circle) will also be competing.

It's kind of like as if all the Weasley's were suddenly pit against each other for the Triwizard Tournament.

As can be expected, the Diablo III community user interface is very similar to WoW in appearance; it has all the colors and characters that make up Diablo, but save for this much of the design and layout remains the same. 

Let's take a short tour of Diablo III's main communities:


Something that I did notice on Diablo's forums (and whether this is the same on WoW I am not certain), is any support post that has been resolved had a update announcement of this at the top of the post. 

Also, in the main screen of the forums the first thing you see is the most recent posts by Blizzard, which really lets fans know how they are responding to the community, and how often. 



Diablo III's Twitter really highlights other players and fans, which helps to establish how much they value them as well. They give shout-outs, player spotlights, retweets, showcase fan art, and more. This is in addition to the regular updates, news, and support tweets.


Diablo III's Facebook page seems to mimic a lot of what their Twitter is posting, so any fans following both won't receive too much variation. However, conversations by default are longer, have better fan involvement, and are more engaging.

So who of these big three will make it? Maybe Diablo III will slash its way to victory, or maybe fans will cut it down choosing another instead. Only way to find out is to vote and stay tuned at GameSkinny for updates!

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Published Aug. 5th 2013

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