Radeon Graphics Meets DOOM Through Vulkan Implementation

Vulkan implementation will vastly improve the graphics and performance of DOOM.

Radeon’s Vulkan API will take popular game DOOM’s graphics to the next level. Vulkan works by reducing API overhead, the background work done by a CPU to interpret a game’s performance. It improves game features, performance, and image quality. DOOM used with Vulkan has been tested to have faster performance than DOOM OpenGL.

Vulkan will improve DOOM via the following features:

  • Asynchronous Shaders, where commands can be submitted without waiting for the completion of other tasks by utilizing Polaris GPU architectures as well as the Asynchronous Compute Engines of Graphics Core Next
  • Shader Intrinsics, where developers can access graphics hardware instructions directly
  • Frame Flip Optimizations, where the frame moves directly to the display rather than copying and saving first

Shader Intrinsics have been used before on gaming consoles to improve GPU performance, and AMD now brings this technology to the PC through Vulkan. Overall, the features aim to improve the game-playing experience for DOOM through Vulkan implementation.


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Source community.amd.com
Published Jul. 23rd 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Vulkan, AMD? Vulkan is open source and made by the same guys who made OpenGL.

    AMD original made Mantle, which is essentially DX12.

    Vulkan does, however, make the game run amazingly! Even though it ran really well for me, it just runs smoother now. Vulkan is pretty cool... And runs on AMD card well, unlike OpenGL

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