5 Video Games That Actually Make You Feel Like a Superhero

Batman Arkham Series (Various Platforms)

Alright, let's get the really obvious one out of the way.

Yes, the Batman Arkham games are almost all excellent. In an industry full of competitors, they stand out as grand examples of both how to handle a license. They're also great examples of how to immerse a player in a fictional world, and really get inside the head of the main character.

From the original Arkham Asylum to the fairly recent Arkham Knight, everything in these games allow you to really feel like Batman. From the colorful rogue's gallery, the utility belt, and to the Batmobile itself.

Each Installment in the series is similar in gameplay and controls, but all distinct enough from each other to be sold on their own merits. All of the titles (except possibly Arkham Origins) can be easily recommended. 

Published Sep. 11th 2016

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