The Pokemon: the Origin Trailer and Translation

A translation of the newly revealed trailer for the upcoming TV anime Pokemon: the Origin.

On August 16th, 2013, Nintendo rocked the worlds of every Pokemon generation 1 fan ever by airing the trailer for the new anime: Pokemon: the Origin.

The trailer, as seen in the header, shows some very familiar and long missed faces: Professor Oak, Brock, and Lance. Also featured in the trailer are the protagonist and his rival: Red and Green (the original counterpart to Red in Japan; Westerners got Blue when the games were later updated/remade). These are the characters from the game that Ash and Gary from the anime are based off of.

Instead of the main character going with Pikachu, Red chooses Charmander, one of the three available in the original version of the game. This sets the tone for a true-to-the-game adaptation that fans have been wanting for years.

I have attempted to translate the trailer, as well as the story description from the Youtube video below:

Trailer Translation:

To everyone who played Pokemon Red and Green: the start of it all, the world of Red and Green has been revived in an original animation.

Pokemon: the Origin airs on Wednesday, October 2nd at 7PM on Television Tokyo Keiretsu.

Story (Direct-ish) Translation:

The stage of the adventure is set in the Kanto region. Red, a young boy, starts off his adventure by receiving his first Pokemon partner Charmander from the Pokemon research authority Professor Oak.

Various adventures and battles unfold as Red and his partner Charmander are tasked by the Professor to complete the Pokedex.

Red battles his rival Green. Red challenges gym leader Takeshi (Brock.)

Red has a showdown with the evil organization Team Rocket as they attempt to occupy the Pokemon Tower.

After a heroic battle with Team Rocket boss Sakaki (Giovanni), Red encounters a waiting, unknown Pokemon.

The nostalgic adventure of Pokemon Red and Green, now revived in vivid animation!


Some parts of the story were a bit difficult to translate, but this conveys its meaning, as far as I know. The Japanese names were used but I inserted their English equivalents.

I am unsure whether this will be a one-off or a series, but it seems to be a series. A google search of Pokémon: the Origin in Japanese has a link that refers to it as a TV anime, meaning it will most likely be a series. Considering how much time the story covers, it'd be hard to condense that into a film.

How excited are you about Pokémon: the Origin? Do you have any questions/corrections regarding the translation? Let me know in the comments section below.

Edit: Removed the Japanese original story section due to it not displaying properly. I will add it back in when I can get it to work.

Edit 2: Fan site Serebii confirms that it is a special broadcast and not a full series.

Published Aug. 17th 2013
  • Jamie K
    Featured Contributor
    Just curious. You personally translated it, or you used something to translate it?
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    I personally translated. I used a dictionary for some of the words, but I didn't use any auto-translate stuff. It probably comes off a bit awkward, though, because the syntax in Japanese is wildly different than English so a lot of the longer sentences feel like they're backwards almost.

    Like a direct translation with Japanese syntax (minus most of the particle markers) of the one about various adventures thing is like "From the professor, Pokemon illustrated reference book's completion entrusted Red, partner Charmander together with, various adventures and battles to enfold have been decided." I tried to translate it somewhat like the original sentence, but I wasn't sure how much liberty I should be taking with in order to make it flow better in English.

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