Bungie answers players' prayers in latest Destiny patch

Destiny Patch gives Bungie's answer to Treasure Keys, Ammo Synths, and more!

Ever since the launch of Destiny in 2014, Bungie has shown a marked tendency to listen to player feedback on their forums as well as through Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and other forms of social media.

Patch, deployed on June 2nd, 2015, continues the trend of Bungie addressing player feedback with hotfixes for several of the most talked about bugs and features since the House of Wolves release two weeks prior.

Highlights of the Patch

Increased Treasure Key drops

  • The first Wanted bounty completed from Petra each week guarantees a Treasure Key.

  • Treasure Key drops from Ether Chests and the small chests at the end of Prison of Elders have been greatly increased.

Ammo Synthesis Glut

  • Ammo Syntheses now stack to 100, up from 20.

  • Ammo Syntheses no longer drop from Ether Chests.

Prison of Elders QoL Changes

  • 32, 34, and 35 now have a chance to drop class items.

  • The ‘Elder Cypher’ will now be sent to the Postmaster if your bounty slots are full. (Players who previously lost out on the bounty prior to patch will need to defeat 34 or 35 PoE again; this change is not retroactive.)

  • Damage from Qodron’s bubbles decreased 25%; uptime on Jailbreaker increased 100%.

Trials of Osiris QoL Changes

  • Emblems will now be sent to the Postmaster if your emblem slots are full. (Players who previously lost out on the emblems must earn it again; the change is not retroactive.)

  • Passage Coins can now be dismantled.

Ether Chest QoL Changes

  • Ether Chests may only be looted once per spawn per player.

  • Ether Chests now grant a small amount of Queen’s Wrath reputation when opened.

  • Ether Chests now have a chance to drop Tokens of Flight, Identity, and Judgement.

Tokens of Flight, Identity, and Judgement can be dismantled for +10 reputation to the House of Judgement.

Note: A previous hotfix to Fusion Rifles (1.1.1) was accidentally reverted in the last patch ( This change has been reinstated in patch

I'd say we all feel like dancing!

Bungie Listens

Since the drop of House of Wolves, players of Bungie’s Destiny have taken to the forums, Twitter, and Reddit to give their opinions - positive and negative - about the content and features found in the expansion. As with previous patches, Bungie has shown that they are listening and have taken steps to address player concerns.

While not every request can be answered - for instance, players continue to clamor for more vault space, despite a recent increase in vault capacity, Bungie has made a concerted effort to address the most visible player concerns. 

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Published Jun. 2nd 2015

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