Splatoon is being overrun by Octolings in new exploit

Octolings are ACTUALLY dangerous to players now.

Hackers have finally made video game characters, namely the enemies known as Octolings in Splatoon, an actual threat.

This Octoling exploit has been made public to the players of Splatoon. It's actually really simple. All you need to do is edit the save file of your Splatoon game and boom, you can play as an Octoling. Of course, there are some consequences to those you play with if you turn into an Octoling.

First of all, if you find an Octoling online, you should probably keep playing until they leave that lobby or else, you'll risk getting that Octoling in your plaza. What's so bad about this? Well, unless you want an unplayable game, then it's best to avoid getting one in your plaza.

Currently, no patches have been announced for Splatoon but it's only a matter of time. As for now, the best thing to do when you find an Octoling is to keep playing until they leave and then play one more match after that.

If you did suffer an Octoling takeover, then it is also being said that Splatfest will probably fix this issue since they remove every Inkling during the event.


Published Oct. 1st 2015

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