Place Your Bets Now: These Cosplays are Definitely Coming to 2018 Convention Floors

Sora -- Kingdom Hearts III

While a release date is still pending (they swear it's coming out sometime this year!), the hype for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been holding fairly steady over the years. Following a number of teasers, trailers, gameplay videos, and just the natural progression that comes from too many HD remakes, there's no stopping the KH3 hype train.

And one of the most endearing characters from the franchise is Sora -- meaning he's definitely going to be appearing at a con near you this year.  

He may have gained a few inches, but our spunky, spiky-haired hero in the over-sized shoes hasn't changed much in terms of character design -- even if his color palette has certainly gotten a shakeup. 

With what looks like more than half a dozen costume changes in the upcoming game, Sora's baby face is sure to be a staple in any group cosplay, particularly since silver-haired pretty boy Riku is guaranteed a larger role in KH3 than he's had in previous iterations -- and is just as likely to make it to con floors.  

(Hero image source: el mundo tech)
(Secondary image source: Pinterest)

Published Feb. 13th 2018

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