FIFA 16 launches official TV commercial - "Play Beautiful"

Only one week left until FIFA 16's release, and EA Sports is teasing all the way to the end.

EA Sports fans are impatiently waiting for the next FIFA 16 game, and the company has revealed its official TV commercial: "Play Beautiful."

The commercial features soccer stars Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero, female soccer player Alex Morgan, and the Brazilian legend Pelé - it even features the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant! - and all players are demonstrating and showing off their talents. In ode to the beauty of "the beautiful game," the TV commercial is already being dubbed "Fifaro."

“The spot dramatizes the one-upmanship nature of football that drives players to make the game ever more beautiful, and literally sings an ode to the sport in the accompanying soundtrack – a specially rewritten, football-focused version of the famous Aria from the ‘Barber of Seville’ opera.”                

 - Weiden+Kennedy, advert agency

This FIFA successor is being hyped more than any other football game before it, and eSports gamers are becoming impatient. Luckily, they only have a week left to wait for its release, because the game will be out September 22nd

Some got lucky

However, yesterday a lucky few Xbox One gamers got early access to FIFA 16 after UK retailer Argos offered a bundle for sale in the United Kingdom. It was offered as a digital download, and some users saw they were able to redeem the promo code through the Xbox Games Store, downloading and playing the game right away. 

Microsoft has since revoked access to the game through the Xbox Games Store, but the "damage" had already been done. Some users had already been able to successfully install the game into their Xbox One and are currently playing it before the (not so) exclusive early access period on EA Access tomorrow, September 17th


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Published Sep. 16th 2015

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