New Game Boy RPG Dragonborne Takes Flight in January 2021

The Game Boy is getting a brand-new RPG adventure in 2021, with dragons, multiple endings, and that nostalgic green filter.

The Game Boy is getting a brand-new RPG nearly 32 years after the system first launched. Dragonborne from Spacebot Interactive releases January 2021 on a Game Boy cartridge compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance systems.

Dragonborne is an 8-bit, turn-based RPG. Players take control of Kris, a young person scouring the land of Argon for traces of Kurtis, their missing father who also happens to be the world's greatest dragon slayer.

It's not just a family matter, though. The dragon is about to wake up again.

It might seem like a straightforward retro RPG on the surface, but Dragonborne has a lot going on underneath. It features multiple endings, equipment upgrades, collectibles, and plenty of puzzles for Kris to solve over the course of its 6-7 hour playtime.

Dragonborne is expected to ship in January 2021. Pre-orders for physical cartridges are live now through November 30 and cost $54.73. This release is just the latest in a number of games releasing for retro consoles.


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Published Oct. 28th 2020

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