New Death Stranding Trailer Released (and Yes, It's Still Creepy)

Kojima Productions have released a new Death Stranding Trailer at The Game Awards. Among familiar themes, we see two new characters, World War II-styled soldiers, and more dead sea-life.

While we were all anticipating new glimpses into Kojima's new project, Death Stranding ahead of his Industry Icon Award, what we got was... well, it was certainly more than enough to whet our appetites for his particular style of creepy.

We start off with what seems to be a running theme in the two trailers that have been released so far. Dead crabs washed up in a soaked riverbed, complete with puddles of that dark, ink-like substance that seems to be pretty much everywhere. We are then introduced to a scene more reminiscent of a World War II movie; Fighter planes streak through the sky, a tank covered in a corpse of what appears to be a squid and a skeletal arm, and soldiers marching in formation behind.

Mads Mikkelsen (of Hannibal fame), apparently the leader of a squad of these troops we see in the beginning of the trailer; Acts the opposite of who appears to be Guillermo del Toro, who is holding a baby in a strangely similar way to Norman Reedus in the first trailer. 

The soldiers, seemingly supernatural elements, and a sprinkling of horror are the recipe for a mysterious and thought provoking trailer by Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions.

But what do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!


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Published Dec. 1st 2016

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