Ubisoft's The Division won't have microtransactions, will have DLC

Tom Clancy's "The Division" will contain cosmetic DLC.

Ubisoft's upcoming title The Division - the next game in the long-running Tom Clancy series - will contain no microtransactions according to the game's creative director Magnus Jansen. At least, not according to the traditional definition of the word "microtransactions."

However, there will be cosmetic DLC to be announced at a later date, available for purchase through a first-party store - basically a microtransaction. 

There is an obvious attempt here to avoid the typical controversy accompanied by a pay-to-win scheme, that some games employ. While The Division's downloadable content won't affect gameplay, according to Jansen, creating confusion as to what's available for players purchase can be a little confusing for the consumer.

It's nice that Ubisoft is trying to curb apprehension to their audience that their experiences in The Division's robust systems and gameplay won't feel cheated and exploited through numerous microtransactions. Many online games offer these types of "pay-to-win systems to appeal to player's sense of progression.

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Published Jan. 19th 2016

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