Nobody Saves the World: How to Unlock The Cactagon Achievement

Wondering how to unlock The Cactagon achievement in Nobody Saves the World? Here's how to find the Gulp and what you'll need to do there.

If you're on the road toward 100% completion with Nobody Saves the World, The Cactagon achievement may become a roadblock. The achievement description simply reads: "Find the treasure beyond the Gulp". Unfortunately, this vague message doesn't help out; it doesn't explain what the Gulp is, nor are there any quest indicators showing its general direction.

This Nobody Saves the World guide will help you unlock The Cactagon achievement, telling you where the Gulp is and what you'll have to do.

How to Get The Cactagon Achievement in Nobody Saves the World

The start of your treasure hunting journey for The Cactagon Achievement should begin at Rustrock Barren. If you have already lowered the gate, you'll just need to head northeast until you reach The Clank. There is a cave entrance located in the middle of a body of water just behind this dungeon. Use the Ghost, Mermaid, Turtle, or Dragon forms to cross the water, gaining entrance into the cave. 

Once inside, take the stairs to find yourself in a circular patch of land surrounded by cacti with an NPC and about a dozen slimes. After killing every enemy in the area, The Cactagon achievement is all yours. Don't forget to open the chest before leaving, though. After going down the stairs, you can pull the lever in front of the gate for a new exit and entry point. 

If the gate by the fast travel portal hasn't been lowered yet after getting The Cactagon Achievement, you'll need to put in some leg work to reach the destination. From Rustrock Barren's fast travel portal, head west until the road splits to the north and south. Take the southern path, going right at the save crystal. 

Continue past the Thieves Guild until you reach a shop keep, after which the road splits again. Go north, navigating through the maze of rocky structures. You'll find the cave entrance at the end, behind the The Clank dungeon. 

And that's how to unlock the Cactagon achievement in Nobody Saves the World. If you're wondering how to get all of the game's Forms, or what abilities they provide, head over to our complete Forms list guide

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Published Jan. 15th 2022

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