Nobody Saves the World Forms List: How to Unlock Every Form

Nobody Saves the World has tons of forms and abilities to sift through. Here's how to unlock every form, as well the abilities they bring to the table.

Nobody Saves the World is an action RPG that eschews traditional classes for shapeshifting into various Forms. Each Form is a different creature with its own set of stats and abilities that can be changed at will, and there are 18 Forms in total.

This Nobody Saves the World guide will begin by listing every Form along with its unlock requirements. It will then provide a list of each Form's passive and active abilities. This list does not include the additional abilities that can be purchased from the shopkeep. 

Nobody Saves the World: All Forms and Their Unlock Requirements

  • Nobody: This is the default player character Form.
  • Rat: Unlocked in the opening dungeon.
  • Guard: Reach Rank C with the Rat.
  • Ranger: Reach Rank C with the Rat.
  • Egg: Reach Rank B with the Rat.
  • Horse: Reach Rank C with the Guard.
  • Magician: Reach Rank B with the Guard.
  • Slug: Reach Rank C with the Ranger.
  • Bodybuilder: Reach Rank B with the Ranger.
  • Turtle: Reach Rank C with the Horse.
  • Monk: Reach Rank A with the Horse and Magician.
  • Zombie: Reach Rank C with the Magician.
  • Mermaid: Reach Rank C with the Slug.
  • Rogue: Reach Rank A with the Slug and Bodybuilder.
  • Ghost: Reach Rank C with the Bodybuilder.
  • Robot: Reach Rank C with the Turtle, Monk, and Zombie.
  • Necromancer: Reach Rank C with the Mermaid, Rogue, and Ghost.
  • Dragon: Reach Rank S with the Egg and Rank C with the Robot and Necromancer.

All Forms and Their Abilities


  • Passive: Nobody doesn't have a passive.
  • Active: Slap
    • Physical bash attack that restores mana.

Rat Form

  • Passive: Scavenge
    • Health items also restore mana.
  • Active: Consume, Gnaw, and Detonate Poison
    • Consume: Magical dark attack that turns a percentage of damage dealt into health.
    • Gnaw: Magical dark attack that restores mana and builds poison.
    • Detonate Poison: Detonate every poisoned on-screen enemy.

Guard Form

  • Passive: Bravado
    • 20% of attack damage is transferred into additional physical sharp damage while low on health.
  • Active: Sword Slash, Stomp, and Shield Bash
    • Sword Slash: Physical sharp attack that restores mana.
    • Stomp: Physical bash attack that knocks enemies back.
    • Shield Bash: Use mana to block attacks. Deflects a percentage of all blocked damage. 

Egg Form

  • Passive: Hardened Shell
    • Minimize the max amount of damage a single attack can deal to you.
  • Active: Incubate and Egg Roll
    • Incubate: Consume mana to recover health. Also deals magical light damage to nearby enemies.
    • Egg Roll: Physical bash attack that restores mana. 

Ranger Form

  • Passive: Poison Tipped
    • All attacks build poison.
  • Active: Charge Arrow, Arrow Flurry, and Dodge
    • Charge Arrow: Physical sharp attack that restores mana. Holding a charge increases the attack's range, damage, and piercing ability.
    • Arrow Flurry: Physical sharp attack that consumes mana in exchange for firing multiple arrows at once.
    • Dodge: Dodge forward while avoiding damage. Deals physical sharp damage when dodging through enemies.

Horse Form

  • Passive: Horsepower
    • All signature Horse attacks restore mana when breaking objects.
  • Active: Kickback and Gallop
    • Kickback: Physical bash attack that restores mana. Also deals impact damage when enemies are knocked into each other or walls. 
    • Gallop: Physical bash attack that lets you continually ram into enemies. Consumes mana by the second.

Magician Form

  • Passive: Stun Powder
    • All attacks build stun.
  • Active: Pick a Card, Hat Trick, Confetti Bomb
    • Pick a Card: Magical light attack that restores mana.
    • Hat Trick: Use mana to summon AI-controlled familiars. These familiars deal physical sharp damage.
    • Confetti Bomb: A small bomb that has a chance of turning into a much larger bomb. Deals magical light damage.

Slug Form

  • Passive: Slug's Secret
    • Critical attacks deal extra damage against enemies afflicted by status ailments.
  • Active: Tear Burst, Slime Slide, and Blob Lob
    • Tear Burst: Fire a stream of tears like an automatic weapon. Deals magical light damage and restores mana.
    • Slime Slide: Magical dark attack that leaves behind a trail of sticky goo, inflicting the slow status ailment.
    • Blob Lob: A large, concentrated tear that inflicts the slow status ailment. Deals magical light damage.

Bodybuilder Form

  • Passive: Strongman
    • Attacks that knock enemies back deal impact damage when they're  knocked into other enemies or walls.
  • Active: Bench Press, Pump Up, and Flex
    • Bench Press: Slow, physical bash attack that restores mana.
    • Pump Up: Grants an attack buff, which stacks multiple times. Also deals bash damage to nearby enemies upon activation.
    • Flex: Physical bash attack that creates a whirlwind of fists, damaging anyone close by.

Turtle Form

  • Passive: Quick Charge
    • Reduces the charge time for abilities.
  • Active: Hell Shell, Water Spray, and Slow and Steady
    • Hell Shell: A charged physical bash attack that lets you ram through enemies. Restores mana.
    • Water Spray: Consume mana to spray water at enemies, dealing magical light damage.
    • Slow and Steady: Grants a defense buff, which stacks multiple times. Deals physical bash damage to nearby enemies upon activation.

Monk Form

  • Passive: Smite
    • Builds stun and has a chance of striking enemies with lightning bolts when healed or damaged.
  • Active: Palm Pummel, Holy Light, and Bless Me
    • Palm Pummel: Physical bash attack that builds stun and restores mana. Can be charged to restore extra mana.
    • Holy Light: Consume mana to call upon a hail of holy light, dealing magical light damage while it remains active.
    • Bless Me: Consume mana to heal yourself as well as familiars.

Zombie Form

  • Passive: Zomnomnom
    • Percentage of damage dealt is restored as health.
  • Active: Clawmbie and Zombite
    • Clawmbie: Magical dark attack that restores mana. Can be charged to add a lunge property for extra damage.
    • Zombite: Consume mana to infect enemies, turning them into familiars upon death. Deals magical dark damage.

Mermaid Form

  • Passive: Mermaid's Resolve
    • Percentage of damage received is restored as mana.
  • Active: Water Burst, Tail Swipe, and Aqua Barrier
    • Water Burst: Water projectile that deals magical light damage and restores mana. Can be charged for a larger splash of water.
    • Tail Swipe: Consume mana to lunge at enemies, dealing physical bash damage with your tail.
    • Aqua Barrier: Consume mana to create a barrier that blocks one attack. Also deflects a percentage of the attack's damage.

Rogue Form

  • Passive: Money Motivated
    • Picking up money reduces all cooldowns.
  • Active: Fan of Knives, Cloak & Dagger, and Caltrops
    • Fan of Knives: A knife throwing combo performed by pressing the button multiple times. Restores mana and deals physical sharp damage. Can also be charged to increase the next attack's damage and range.
    • Cloak & Dagger: Consume mana to become invisible, then perform a critical attack when stabbing from behind. Deals physical sharp damage.
    • Caltrops: Spikes thrown onto the ground that build stun, dealing physical sharp damage in the process.

Ghost Form

  • Passive: Spooky
    • All attacks build fear.
  • Active: Boo and Ethereal
    • Boo: Creates an aura around the character, damaging any enemy touching that aura.
    • Ethereal: Consume mana to pass through enemies and attacks.

Robot Form

  • Passive: Steel Plated
    • Reduce damage received while dealing physical sharp damage to enemies within the vicinity.
  • Active: Lightning Drill, Ravager Rocket, and Tempest Barrage
    • Lightning Drill: Magical light attack that restores mana. Can be charged to turn the punch into a continuous drill.
    • Ravager Rocket: Consume mana to fire a rocket with a 100% chance to deal critical damage. Counts as a physical bash attack.
    • Tempest Barrage: Consume mana to fire a series of homing missiles that target multiple enemies. Deals magical dark damage.

Necromancer Form

  • Passive: Blood Pact
    • Percentage of damage dealt heals familiars.
  • Active: Necrotic Lightning, Summon Demon, and Blood Sacrifice 
    • Necrotic Lightning: Magical dark attack that restores mana.
    • Summon Demon: Consume mana to cast a circle that revives enemy corpses as familiars. Deals dark damage.
    • Blood Sacrifice: Sacrifice the familiar with the lowest health for 2 attack buffs. Also spawns an explosion that deals dark damage.

Dragon Form

  • Passive: Dragon's Dread
    • Increases critical attack chance against status-afflicted enemies.
  • Active: Clawmbo, Fire Ball, and Fire Breath
    • Clawmbo: Physical sharp attack that restores mana. Tapping the button swings your claws. Holding a charge results in a dash that leaves behind a trail of lava that deals magical light damage and builds the burn status ailment.
    • Fire Ball: Consume mana to spit out a fireball. Holding a charge leaves a pool of lava that builds the burn status ailment. Deals light damage.
    • Fire Breath: Breathe a stream of fire, which builds up the burn status ailment. Deals light damage.

And that's the full list of every form in Nobody Saves the World, including how to unlock them and the abilities they provide. If you're looking to nab The Cactagon Achievement, but don't know where the Gulp is, we've got a guide for that right here.

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Published Jan. 17th 2022

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