The Outer Worlds Merchandise: A Holiday Gift Guide

The Outer Worlds

Obviously, Number 1 on our list is the game itself! If you don't have it yet, you should get on that. Why? Because it provides the Fallout-style of gameplay fans have been missing since the launch of New Vegas nine years ago.

Dark humor of a future capitalist society gone wrong, a very tongue-in-cheek setting, a new take on the classic VATS system, and a cast of compelling companions all come together for an experience Obsidian fans will love.

Out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, The Outer Worlds will additionally land on the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Keep in mind the game is currently included in the lineup of titles with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, so if you buy someone a subscription to that, they can essentially play it for free on PC or Xbox One for the foreseeable future.

Published Nov. 11th 2019

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