The Outer Worlds Lands on Nintendo Switch in Early 2020

We may be playing The Outer Worlds on a handheld much sooner than we thought.

The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch is expected to launch in Q1 2020, which means it will launch on the console sometime between January and March, barring any unexpected delays. The information comes from Take-Two's quarterly financial briefing.

The Outer Worlds, the latest RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, already launched on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One to some appeal (we certainly enjoyed it).

Some time ago, Obsidian had stealth-announced that the game would be heading to Nintendo Switch at some vague point way off in the distant future. But now, Take-Two clarified that release frame quite a bit — and quite unexpectedly.

Most of the other hot AAA games on Switch either took a while to get ported (the fabulous The Witcher 3 for example) or were based on games from the last generation, like Skyrim and Dark Souls Remastered. Seeing The Outer Worlds coming to Switch potentially less than six months after it launched on other systems is impressive. It bodes well for the system's future relationship with other AAA titles and developers.

Still, we perhaps shouldn't be too surprised. Virtuos is handling the process of porting The Outer Worlds to the Switch, and it has a stellar track record of handling demanding ports previously, including the aforementioned Dark Souls Remastered and, before that, L.A. Noire.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more The Outer Worlds on Switch as it develops. And if you can't wait to see the game in action on the Switch and don't want potential spoilers from walkthroughs, check out some The Outer Worlds footage detailing combat and the game's choice systems.

Source: Take-Two


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Published Dec. 19th 2019

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