Create Your Spookiest Fantasy with Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity challenges you to create your spookiest fantasy world!

Disney Infinity Toy Box mode is all about being creative and fun. Your imagination is all you need to create your own levels and adventures with Toy Box mode.

Toy Box mode is a construction mode were you can cerate, play and share your fantasy world online. Houses, castles and many other things you will need are pre-built but you can change their color and design.

Last Toy Box Challenge: Royal Empire

Toy Box mode has different community challenges to encourage players to use their imagination. This month's challenge is to make something spooky for Halloween! You could make the most terrifying haunted house, a creepy unending nightmare world, or you could go all out with a fantastic pumpkin death match dungeon. You can go crazy and really show your friends your greatest spooky fantasy. Disney Infinity even came out with the Jack Skellington figurine to help get your creative juices flowing!

So go and create the best spooky world possible! And if you want to have your creation shared by Disney, all you need to do is submit your entry by October 16.


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Published Oct. 10th 2013

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