iCEnhancer Mod Being Developed for GTA V

GTA V is going to look even better than it ever has before after this mod is done.

Those of you who are big fans of Grand Theft Auto IV and modding on PC are probably already in the know about iCEnhancer. For you guys, the good news is a similar mod is being developed for Grand Theft Auto V! For those who aren't familiar with the iCEnhancer mod, have no fear. It's a good thing.

The iCEnhancer was a mod developed by Hayssam Keilany for GTA IV's Liberty City on PC. The mod pretty much did what it's name says - it enhanced the graphics of the game. Through his Facebook page for that mod, Keilany announced that he was currently working on the Timecycle, a similar mod for GTA V's Los Santos.

The mod is still in its early stages of development. It is going to remove the noise during weapon changing and player transition as well as cut down on the fog, make the background more clear, change the sun to a more neutral color (less brown), change the water and remove post-effects for the characters. 

Players will also be able to control the changes they make in order to fit their personal style of gaming. 

No release date has been set yet for this mod. 

Rockstar and modding

Rumors after the PC patch 350.1 had let out that Rockstar was banning players who were using single-player modsThe publisher has released a statement saying that this is false, they will be banning no one, and it was "an unintended side effect." Because mods are usually unauthorized, they can sometimes be accidentally broken, rendered unstable or affect gameplay after technical updates. 


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Published May. 12th 2015

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