Petition Created to Fire Gamespot Reviewer for Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

Gamespot Reviewer gets blasted with insulting comments because of her Grand Theft Auto 5 Review.

Reviews for Grand Theft Auto 5 are being thrown on gaming news sites everywhere, with just about any opinion, to be instantly seen by hundreds of viewers. With that massive audience you are bound to get some criticism--but some people go overboard.

Gamespot’s Carolyn Petit wrote a review, and the article is gaining popularity due to a few short comments made in the almost 8 minute long video.  She states that undertones of misogyny simultaneously “glorifies male sexuality while demeaning women.”  

Opinion ISN'T fact!

I don’t think I would be incorrect to state that most of the gamers in the world see this review and automatically know that it is an opinion, and that opinions can vary from reviewer to reviewer. She gave the game a 9 out of 10 and still some of the GTA fan boys and girls blasted Petit with distasteful and heinous comments. They even took it a step further to attack her personally; I can’t even post some of the comments because they are just downright mean.  Here are a few I can show:

    • “Gone Home 9.5 Editors Choice - GTA V 9.0 so according to Gamespots own idea of the scores Gone Home is a better game than GTA V :D  But since its a subjective view and doesnt really matter there isent really any point in reading these reviews anymore. And Carolyn please for your own sake stop reviewing games that isnt in tone with your rather extreme feminist views :D”
    • “Someone called it before that she would drop the score because of some female/inequality reasons, guess they were right.”
    • “Some let personal opinion muddy their ability to be objective.”
    • "Games should not be reviewed by people with a chip on their shoulder and what is obviously a glaring need to belong. It should be reviewed objectively, and without bias, whim, or personal sentiment. It should be reviewed according to story and gameplay - the things gamers actually care about. We don't give two craps about some insecure reviewer trying to prove that she's a real women by taking offense to what happens to fake women in a game."

The group of complainers started up a petition to get the women fired from her job all because she stated her opinion in a review. Thankfully the petition was taken down quickly, and there were sane people who saw it and created a petition to not fire Ms. Petit. This is just one example of how some people who proclaim to be gamers can ruin the reputation of many good people in gaming.

With situations like this—scolding someone for stating an opinion—many people outside the gaming world would look and think that we are all the same. I think people need to stop being so sensitive and start respecting others for having the courage to say what they are thinking. At the end of the day an opinion is not fact and you don’t have to agree but please, for the sake of all gamers out their in the world, choose to express your dislike with constructive comments.

This is what people think of gamers and it’s disappointing that some players even consider presenting themselves in this manner. 

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Published Dec. 5th 2013
  • Ecobahn
    You know it's a real shame that there are those in the community that spread hateful words like that about it's fellow members. And yes, reviews of a video game are TECHNICALLY supposed to be objective BUT there is nothing wrong with adding you're own opinion to it. What, you think critics of movies are 100% objective in their reviews? No! You think food critics won't have some personal taste or preference with their food in the way it's cooked or presented, that will reflect in their review? Of course they will! Critics of anything, will ALWAYS have a personal opinion attached to it, subtlety written in or directly. Neither is wrong however - they are all entitled to their opinions, and the same goes for Carolyn. And I'm pretty sure her 9/10 wasn't due to the misogyny in the game, I'm sure there were other factors of the game that she thought also could have improved to have made it the coveted 10. But then again every game could use improvement. A 9/10 isn't anything to disregard, at least not in my opinion.

    It's unfortunate there are those in the community that ruin it for others, but it's not surprising. You'll see the same everywhere you go on the internet - YouTube being a prime example. People feel they can rage on anyone in the safety of their anonymity. I'm just glad that the majority of the community rallied behind Carloyn in this. This "internet rage" seems, unfortunately, directed against women and the LGBTQ demographics most prominently. But I hope that sometime in the near future neither of these things would be a reason to barrage anyone with hate.
  • Coatedpolecat
    Featured Correspondent
    Great read and very valid points. THANK YOU! I really hope with efforts from major contributors like ign, oxm, YouTube(for crying out loud), kotaku, and many more That this whole hateful online culture we've created goes away.

    It's unfortunate this happen to anyone wanting to speak a well articulated and civil opinion.

    ...And! Since when did a review score be the only thing to look at. Scores, to me are just one part of the review.
  • Sheepzilla
    Wow, didn't know this happened after I read the review on Monday. Totally appalling. Aside from the misogyny, it is still politically muddled, character behavior inconsistency, and hell a lot of minor/major bugs that are glossed over because this game is the holy grail. So, she went easy on the game. Look, there need to be articles about the offensive/politically incorrect/off color things in GTA, for the sake of reader gamer knowledge to know what the heck they are getting into. The only thing I didn't like about this review were the spoilers. :-( I dunno why I read the reviews for a game I already paid in full 2 months ago and was gonna pick up at that midnight.

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