Light Fall Reaches Kickstarter Goal

The highly anticipated game Light Fall reaches its Kickstarter Goal.

With 20 hours to go on its Kickstarter, Light Fall by Bishop games has already met it's goal of $16,506. Since its presentation at PAX South and PAX East, Light Fall is a highly anticipated 2d platformer aesthetically akin to Playdead's LimboLight Fall uses a familiar silhouetted art style, though it's vibrant and colorful backdrops, really bring the world of Numbra to life.

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In the universe of Light Fall, you must be brave on your epic adventure to unearth your past. Numbra is a mysterious world covered darkness. Its stillness almost makes you think that you are safe, but don't be deceived; there are creatures in that darkness and obstacles to overcome.

Light Fall by Bishop Games


Light Fall's main game mechanic is the Shadow Core, which is described as an ancient magical artifact that opens the door to many possibilities for the player. The Shadow Core can shield you from damage. It can act as a key to open doors; it can be used a movable platform, and it can even disarm traps.

Light Fall by Bishop Games

The main goal of the mechanic was for it to be a tool that the player can use any way that they see fit. Unlike in other games where the major game mechanic can only be used in a couple ways, the Shadow Core's versatility majorly shakes up the conventions of the genre and allows each user to create their own unique play-style.


The Light Fall Kickstarter offers many rewards for its backers from very beautiful minamilist posters to the stunning OST. With 20 hours to go, you may want to become a backer yourself because many of their rewards a kickstarter exclusives. 

Their stretch goals include expanding the soundtrack, creating Linux OS support, and porting to Playstation Vita, as well as creating online leaderboards and making new hidden treasures.

It is currently unknown how much Light Fall will cost post-Kickstarter, but you can get a digital copy for as little as $10 if you back their project now. Light Fall's estimated release is for June 2016 and has already been greenlit by Steam. Light Fall will be made available of PC and Mac.

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Published May. 1st 2018

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