Star Trek Timelines' First Ever Mega-Event "Process of Assimilation" is Coming May 4th

In its inaugural mega-event, Star Trek Timelines is sure to receive many exciting new features and goodies.

It's been over a year since its initial release, but Disuptor Beam's Star Trek: Timelines is about to receive its first ever mega-event on May 4th. Ominously called "Process of Assimilation", it plans to bring a number of Borg-themed events in a month-long series that spans across a new story arc for players.

When teasing the event in an official blog post, Disruptor Beam simply poses the question:

What if a mysterious space-time anomaly was no longer your biggest problem…?

Zero Hour, the game's first event of the series, starts on Thursday May 4th and continues until Monday May 8th. Events that follow include:

  • Experimental Design (May 11th)
  • Contagion (May 18th)
  • Resistance (May 25th)

For more details and a sneak peek at this mega-event, you can check out the official trailer below:

It's all about the Borg!

With all of these events taking place, players will be greeted by a bunch of new characters, such as Janeway, La Forge, and Tuvok. The Borg Queen will also be making an exciting new appearance, as will the Borg Sphere -- a shiny new ship for players to experience.

Borg-centric Gauntlets, Borg-related rewards in the Battle Arena, and even Borg Packs in the Time Portal will also be available throughout "Process Assimilation". 

Disruptor Beam has promised to keep us updated through their Facebook and Twitter pages as the month continues, as well through the forums and in-game mail. 


Are you excited about Star Trek Timelines' first ever mega-event? Let us know in the comments!


Published Jun. 15th 2020

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